With over 20 years combined as the top coaches in Cheshire, founders and straight talkers John Preston and Greg Johnson have witnessed the fitness industry become spread extremely thinly across gyms, boot camps, classes, personal training and the good old weight loss diet groups. Yet despite this burgeoning industry, the UK is now at it’s most overweight. Until now, the solutions offered haven’t fixed the problem.

For a long time, the prohibitive cost of personal training meant that it was available only to a select few. Then came the disaster in Personal Training, where people were able to get qualified in six weeks; a period far to short to prepare anyone for the responsibility of other people’s health and fitness. So, when looking for a personal trainer you were likely to just be gambling away your hard earned cash on some bozo just trying to dive into your wallet.

Here is the solution that will create the body you can be proud of

If you want to take the short cuts to fat loss, you not only need to have the foundations in place that help you get results, but you must also understand harsh TRUTHS

Number one transformation coaches, founders of VPT plus authors of ‘The Results Generator Cookbooks’ Greg and John are going to reveal them to you right now...

“In my 10 years as a highly respected coach I’ve noticed something interesting in the health and fitness industry; there is always something missing which blocks someone from ever getting in their best shape. Of course, you can find some sort of fitness expert or personal trainer on every street promising you the world, but the headache is that they usually fail to apply the three rules that are fundamental to success". - Greg

1. Correct nutrition and preparation - Let’s get right to the truth of it; going on a weight loss plan and eating to support your training are two completely different things! 80% of fat loss and creating a firm body is down to eating in alignment with your lifestyle. When was the last time your gym, class instructor or even trainer even talked to you about how to do all of that? The great news is you do have time to prepare and eat right, you just need to learn how!

2. Support and accountability - This is the number one rule for anyone embarking on the journey to transform their life. Few gyms and training studios understand the important of this. However, VPT keeps a private group that only clients can access; helping them pull together, stay on track and keep focussed.

3. Progressive training - Yes you can join a class, bootcamp or gym in or around Wilmslow but does the instructor track your results, train you personally or in a small group of up to six people and post you strategy videos? Training is like the icing on the cake and going on the cross trainer, treadmill or doing a few sit ups will not work in the long run. The key to victory is not doing a little bit of everything, it’s about taking small steps and building on that week after week.

Luckily for you, here at VPT we offer a 14 DAY TRIAL on our transformation programmes to personally take you through the precise full body training plan and help you gain momentum. The trial comes with all your nutrition and supplement protocol built in. Our team will be with you every step of the way, making sure you can show off your new body with confidence. Also when you apply you will receive Greg’s ‘done for you’ nutrition formula and cook cook eliminating any guesswork with private access to the accountability and support group.

These very sought are held at our elite private facility just outside Wilmslow. You will not only experience a complete body, lifestyle and nutrition makeover, you will access your hidden focussed mind set and achieve your goal.

Due to limited availability and high demand for these programs we are application only and you can apply by clicking the button below.


The two week trial on one of our transformation programmes includes precise full-body training plans plus nutrition and supplement protocol