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Your stomach won’t go after having children. Your whole body shape has changed. Your wobbly thighs make you feel self conscious. You need to drop a few stone, your weight yo-yos, and the pounds won’t shift.

Your arms, sides and muffin top won't firm up no matter what you do. You feel frustrated when you have to pull your jeans up over the flab every time you bend down. This affects the way you like to dress and you can't cope with it anymore.

You struggle to find anything sexy to wear. Underwear and tops you used to feel great in now make you feel worse. It's just getting more difficult to loose weight and tone up. It makes you lack confidence and you feel sad when you open your wardrobe and you can't get into your nice clothes.

You know it takes time, effort and motivation and that is not easy to find. People say you are slim and look great but you know the reality is you need to feel good in your own skin.

You are starting to feel old, frumpy and out of shape. It's horrid and you're always becoming more aware of it! As for that bit under your arm pits that bulges out when your arms are down. You'd just love to be told how to start seeing these disappearing in weeks.

You hold a lot of weight on your belly and certain foods make it very bloated which makes you feel gross. You've lost weight on your diet previously but you’ve either put it back on or have hit a wall and can't breakthrough. You need to get back on track and focus on your health to feel better about yourself.

Your weight stops you from wearing short skirts and amazing dresses. You wear a top over your swimsuit. You're starting to believe you cannot lose weight. Your stomach muscles are firm and hard; but covered in a thick layer of fat.

You feel tired, unattractive and far from sexy. The more you feel this way, the less inclined you are to exercise or diet. It's a crazy viscous circle.

You’re at the point that you don’t feel good about letting your partner see you naked. If you're single then it's having an effect on your dating life. This could become a problem long term if you don't sort yourself out.

Even though you might do some exercise, you feel like everyone stares at you and this makes you feel constantly uncomfortable wearing nice gym gear.

You hate buying clothes because they ‘just fit’ rather than because you actually like them. You feel like crying when you look in the mirror and often think “why am I bothering?

Your general mood and your motivation are very low right now and you're starting to get really down.

You finally just need to know where you're going wrong. You want to understand why you're in this position and to follow a system to get on the right track ASAP. You need an exact program so that you start seeing results fast and so that these results last. You need to work with John and his team privately or in a group. You need to know that you're surrounded by people who know what you're going through, who have the same problem as you and want the same results as you. You can't pretend things are going to get better and you need to take action now.

You feel you’re ready to apply for your FREE TRIAL and you know you can make us proud and impress yourself. You will discover the exact system we use with private clients and learn how to implement this straight into your lifestyle. You understand this will change your life. You will become a role model to your friends and family, and you value this opportunity massively.

Lesley before and afterI had worked with a pt before on a one to one basis and although I liked the idea of the 'VPT starters program' I was conscious of working in a small group. Like most women I had images of a gym filled with skinny, beautiful women all having higher fitness levels than me but I was completely wrong. The group are lovely, we all have a great team spirit and everyone is willing each other on and pushing ourselves to the next level. The trainers are hard but fair and they want you to get the results you want. For me this is now the way I want to continue so I've signed up to continue in the accelerate phase. For anyone who thinks they can't do it, trust me you CAN! This is the right training and lifestyle plan and with the support of the group you can hit those targets you never thought you could.

Lesley Short - Wife & Mum of two


The trial on one of our transformation programmes includes precise full-body training plans plus nutrition and supplement protocol.